Do you guarantee your work?
  Yes we do. You will get one year peace of mind , and that means all  our workmanship should be guaranteed for a period of one calendar year and in the event of a problem occurring during the guarantee period due to an error in fitting it will be fully rectified free of charge. If the problem is due to faulty equipment or materials the equipment or materials at fault will be replaced under the manufacturers guarantee.

What services do you provide?

We provide full scope of building services including:

- Planning and building permission applications and approvals

-  Structural and project design

- Interior and exterior (art glass) design and management

- Boiler changes, plumbing and heating

- Bathroom, kitchen and wet room installations

- Bathrooms for disabled people

- Electrical services

- Painting and decorating

- Solid wood and laminated flooring

- Carpentry

Do I have to take days off to carry out e.g. bathroom fitting or kitchen installation?
No, you don’t have to. Let us take that hassle off you. All we need is your latest designer specification and drawings (if you have none we can draw them).  We can comunicate and coordinate via the phone or internet and make sure it’s all up to date.We do work for clients who live outside the UK and we know  it is possible thanks to our experience. We always keep your place tidy, leaving the tools in the right place. We do understand that you trust  us  to renovate your place  while you are away. We’d like to assure our customers that there is no reasons to worry as we are helpful and very reliable.

How do you estimate the projects?
We always send very detailed estimate regarding the cost. We do not count on daily work but we take the whole project into consideration . It means you know how much money you pay in advance for e.g. bathroom or kitchen fitting.In the case of handyman or an interior designer we always give a daily rate.

What kind of payments do you accept?
We do accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Which parts of London do you provide service to?
Mainly it is central and north west London. Sometimes we do work on bigger projects out of the town. It all depends, so you need to contact us to get a free quote.

What about financial settlement with De-Yaney Art?
If the project exceeds ten working days we need 30% of the project value on the third day. When it comes to bigger investments, the payment scheme is set individually.

Are you reliable? What can you tell me about yourself?
In our experience in the UK  construction idustry for the past ten years we had worked with many building teams who were between different projects at the same time and couldn’t appear on site at fixed time and sometimes go beyond the budget but this is entirely our responsibility . Other strong sides of our organization of work are supervising the deliveries and controlling e.g. such small things as rubbish disposal during refurbishment. Our specialty is also technical information during the repairs, and the permanent contact with the client. We pay great attention to customer service, we always go back to help.

Do you have any CORGI registered engineers?
Yes, we work with registred engineers on contract basis. If you need CORGI or NICEIG certificate we can source it for you.

Do you offer a 24hr service?
No – our  usual hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 24/7 emergency services are only available to existing Customers caring our guarantee. We work on Saturdays within our commission and also during the nights, e.g. commercial places, which can be modernized only when there are no clients.

Do you also work with designers?
Yes we do. We are interested also in carrying out deputed projects  with other designers who are not associated with De-Yaney Art. If it comes to the refurbishment of a whole flat or house as an additional option it can be an order-making project or visualization including providing materials and samples. We can also get discounts for you on materials and fittings. We know exactly the meaning of interior design and  build.

How fast you can get to the place in case of malfunction?
Emergency service is only available for our clients. In other case we must be called beforehand, at least 1 day before. We do reach destination up to four hours after application. Such a service is provided within guarantee for the work.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are. We carry public liability insurance.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, we do. It is regarding installation, repairs ( building), and free estimates within design department.

Why haven’t I heard about you before?
There are a lot of clients who are asking about it. We do not advertise a lot. The huge promotion for our company are recommendations from our former clients and we would like to stay as it is. It means that we spend more time on providing professional services and less on thinking where to advertise.